Fullscale, real name Wesley Lefeber, wanted to be a DJ ever since he attended primary school. During school plays or parties he always wanted to be the one responsible for the music. Around the age of 13 he started playing the records his parents own. His dad, being a soul & funk music lover, had an old mixer and record player. With this equipment he made his first Michael Jackson mixtape, as MJ was his musical inspiration at that point. He would start of with a track on the CD player and

mix the tracks on vinyl from there on. He also used to visit a friends house where he could practice on the record players his friends brother owned. This is where he also starting mixing ‘mellow house’, what was equivalent for deep house at that time Hip-Hop and R&B are his main styles of music, but as long as the music has Soul, he will play it.

In the music scene people call like to call this‘eclectic’ but Fullscale prefers to call it ‘Open Format’

style of mixing.Fullscale was the resident DJ during the weekly ‘MONDAY’ events in the internationally acclaimed Supperclub in Amsterdam from 2007 till 2016. He was the resident DJ at ‘The Illest’, a R&B and Hip-Hop event being held in one of the worlds most famous venues in Amsterdam, Jimmy Woo.

Next to his residencies, Fullscale also performed in clubs like (Chicago) Supperclub, Club Abe, Escape Venue, Melkweg (Milky Way), Paradiso, Club Vie, and Maassilo to name but a few. He has also performed at several major festivals like SFX/ID&T’s MysteryLand, Latin Village, V-Land and Encore Festival. He also performed at international events in Curacao, Surinam, Jakarta, Bali, Istanbul, Morocco, Milan and Dubai.

Besides being a great dj, Fullscale is also a well renowned and talented producer for artists like GoodGrip, Dion Mase, Gers Pardoel and several New York MC’s. He is also founder and co-founder of some of Amsterdams finest parties and concepts. Just to name a few: Empire, Monday, Heibel in de Tent and more.

Next to this he’s also part of the Hip-Hop project ‘History of Rap’ together with King Bee frontman MC Pryme. During these shows they take you through the ‘History of Rap’ performing at major events and clubs in the Netherlands together with artists like Grandmaster Flash and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Indian Summer Festival
Geestmerambacht (management office)
Outdoor Stereo
Wedding Event