Founded by the dynamic All Star Fresh in the Netherlands in 1989, King Bee burst onto the international music scene with their vibrant fusion of Hip Hop and dance. The trio, consisting of All Star Fresh, BC Boy, and MC Pryme, quickly scaled the national and international charts in 22 countries with their hip hop anthems, ‘Back by Dope Demand’ and ‘Must Bee the Music,’ featuring the powerhouse vocals of Michele.

Their track ‘Let’s Take it Home’ became a German club sensation even before ‘Back by Dope Demand’ propelled them to global stardom, securing a Top 10 worldwide hit. Their rising fame led to a tour alongside hip hop legends and a coveted spot supporting Madonna on her ‘Blond Ambition’ tour in Holland. Their collaboration with SNAP’s producers on ‘Let’s get Busy’ remix vaulted to the zenith of the Club Billboard Chart in the USA.

King Bee’s influence extended beyond the airwaves, earning them the Stanton DJ Award in 1990 and the Edison for the best new Hip Hop/Dance act in 1991. Their debut album ‘Royal Jelly’ dropped in 1991, breaking new ground as the first Dutch Hip Hop act to successfully cross over into commercial dance, cementing their status as genre trailblazers.


DJ All Star Fresh: Turntablism Maestro

With his career kickstarting in 1979, All Star Fresh quickly became an internationally renowned DJ, revered for his turntablism prowess and musical finesse. After conquering major clubs across Amsterdam and Europe, he clinched the Dutch Mixing Championships in 1988 and secured third place in the prestigious World Mix Championships at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

All Star Fresh continued to break barriers, becoming the first non-American to reach the finals of the World Supremacy Battle of DJ’s in New York. His impressive performances garnered him opportunities to share stages with icons like Public Enemy and Ice-T.

As the mastermind behind KING BEE’s ‘Back By Dope Demand,’ All Star Fresh not only notched a Top 3 hit selling over 2.4 million copies but also collaborated with industry giants on numerous projects. His work spans from King Bee to Capella, and he continues to resonate in the music industry through diverse DJ sets and radio shows.

MC Pryme: The Versatile Lyricist

MC Pryme, who embarked on his musical journey with King Bee in 1989, later joined forces with Fifth World Records as the frontman for Sonic Surfers. His track ‘Beat of Zen’ penned with DJ Marcello garnered him respect in the House music domain. After touring internationally and experimenting with a broad spectrum of musical styles, Pryme’s versatility flourished.

His collaborative spirit shone through in ‘Take me up,’ a UK top 10 chart entrant, with Jocelyn Brown and producers Brook & Trans. Post his successful stint as an MC, Pryme embarked on a solo venture, releasing ‘No Players Allowed’ with RCA, which climbed the national charts.

Known for his charismatic stage presence and compelling vocals, Pryme has been recognized as the best MC in the UK for three consecutive years. Today, he continues to enthrall audiences in clubs worldwide and plays a pivotal role in ‘History of Rap,’ alongside DJ Fullscale, while still joining forces with All Star Fresh for electrifying performances.